We have experienced a pretty dreary year. But now, all signs point to a more prosperous 2014. The global stock markets, generally, are up, consumer spending over the holiday period was fast and furious and most are looking forward to a better year ahead.

START YOUR OWN BUSINESSBecause of employment uncertainty, this could be the year to move into your own business. Who better than to rely on yourself for income continuity?  In years gone by, working for a company, if you were productive and honest, meant employment longevity. But the work environment has changed. And with this change comes the uncertainty of on-going employment.

Many are looking at a franchise opportunity. It’s been said that there is safety in numbers. Certainly being one of many franchise operatives has advantages. Selling a quality brand product with marketing support is one.  Having a franchisor to advise and guide, to give you support, is another.

But as with your own individual business, a franchise doesn’t mean you don’t have to apply business acumen, work diligently, perhaps long hours to achieve success. Your ultimate successful business will bring results providing it has the right business ingredients. Good, reliable and value-plus products or services must be in place. Your own input of exceptional customer service, really looking after your clients is essential to your building a secure and lasting business.

And choosing the right business to start is important. Choose a product or service you are going to enjoy offering.  Fall in love with your business. If you’re going to spend a large part of your life developing a business, you need to find one that affords creative as well as financial benefit.

If you are a lover of books, you might investigate the Image Book Company exclusive territory home-based book distribution business. Their website: http://www.imagebook.com.au/ will give you details. Good luck and lots of business success.

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