Are E-Readers The Answer To Printed Books?

The answer is “no” according to author-publisher Brian Adams.

“For dedicated bibliophiles like myself, no technological apparatus can replace the advantages a printed book offers. As I highlight passages from a “self help” or information text book and regularly want to refer to it, I want to be able to access the content quickly. I also like to look at a book’s cover, read the cover flaps and like the feel of a nicely-bound hardcover” he says.

While there may be some convenience of having an e-reader, there are minus factors. There is the cost of the apparatus. The content has to be downloaded. Then they have to be carted around (along with the mobile). For the fast reading of a novel, I suppose sitting in front of an e-reader on a bus, train, plane, has something to offer. Although what is that “something” over a printed version?

If at some stage it necessary to print a copy of a downloaded textbook, it’s a costly process. And the end result isn’t going to be as neat and tidy as an actual pre-printed copy. So, all in all, we might side with Mr. Adams’ and resist the urge to own an e-reader.

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