How to SucceedBrian Adams, author of  the international best-seller, How To Succeed,  maintains  up and coming entrepreneurs need to spend time studying the cosmic laws of life if they want to become successful. The cosmic laws came with the big bang and will stay with us into who knows how long.

Everything in the natural and human world is governed by principles and they are a regulating and motivating force in the  positive accomplishment of  our desires and needs.

Every engineer must carry out his/her work via known laws. A bridge not built into the law of  stress and strain is going to collapse.

Persons seeking high accomplishment must  work within the principles of life.

The law of Karma for instance is a clear example of positive in, positive returned. Negative in, negative returned. We  cannot do a misdeed and expect to  profit by it.  Like attracts like.  Humans simply cannot think one thing and produce another.

The superior thinker Issac Newtown said Action and reaction are equal to each other.  It’s the law of cause and effect or Karma.

Whatever you say and do returns to you in like kind. What are you saying and doing that is of a negative nature?  Reverse the negative with an affirmative.

The law of the mind is the law of belief.  What do you believe about yourself,  people, places and things? Whatever you believe to be true comes true.

If you believe in the wrong things, you can’t expect right results.

In How To Succeed, the 10 cosmic laws are explained. When applied, positive changes come about.

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