Author, TV personality and motivational trainer, Brian Adams has written 5 best selling books, a dozen or so audio CD’s and trained multitudes of success aspirants in Canada, USA and Australia. The best advise he says he can give  anyone wanting to get rich is “get into business for yourself.”

He maintains that working for an employer isn’t going to move ‘any money mountains’ except perhaps in favour of the employer.  But that’s fair enough because usually an employer takes all the risks including the risk of hiring others who may or may not perform well.

“When you invest in your own creativity, let loose your specialist skills and take a chance on yourself, you open the opportunity door to becoming someone, achieving something and accruing wealth.  The problem is, many persons simply don’t have the self-confidence to start their own into business,” he says.

Adams maintains it is much easier to start and run your own business  today  because  there are so many good  business support opportunities available.  A franchise or business license operation is to support (thus reduced risk) offerings  to consider.

Where administrative support, marketing know-how and guidance are offered,  as in a franchise, there are costs additional to normal overheads to be considered,   such as  on-going royalty and  advertising fees. But the rewards can be great if what is being sold  has strong market appeal, Adams says.

“Initially, the link with a group who can offer products or services that allow you to work from home. Get your commercial feet  wet. Learn the business ropes. It’s easier to build on something that already has a solid foundation in the marketplace.  An  established  business that  offers not only its products for you  to on-sell but  lends  their  support is the ideal way to jump into business for yourself.  It also reduces your start-up risk.”

Adams is CEO of Image Book Company and  Startabookbiz, which have available     to selected appointees, a home-based business opportunity to start their own book distribution business. See the website for further information.

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