Most people take the SOLVE PROBLEMSpath of strong resistance when they set out to accomplish aims or solve everyday problems and set-backs. It’s a do-or-die situation and because of inflexibility, they end up in a hospital bed or worse in a coffin.

Some years back, I was travelling through the north of Scotland, up in Rob Roy country. It’s a beautifully scenic part of the world. I stopped in a village to enjoy lunch at a quaint café. After lunch, I walked around the small town, crossed a foot bridge over a fast-running stream and sat for a while on the bank of the stream listening to the sound of the rushing water as it cascaded over small boulders.

I noticed that the water was swirling around the boulders not fighting them on its way forward. It was taking a path of least resistance. Nature can often be a good teacher in how we should conduct our lives.

The next time a problem, set-back or aggravation arises, take the path of least resistance. Stay calm. Don’t fight the problem. Analyse it. Take it apart so you better understand it. You are now in a better position to seek a logical solution. Know that there is a solution to every problem. Getting upset, isn’t going to attract much more than a giant headache and lots of stress. .

Stress is a major contributor to many ailments. It’s pointless to bring on an upset stomach, body pain or a heart attack whenever faced with a problem when there is a solution readily available. Take note of the flowing stream. Stop resisting and fighting. Quietly, comfortably, thoughtfully think- through what bothers you. The perfect answer will come. And you’ll live to enjoy in fine health this gift of life.

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