How to SucceedNow in a revised edition, the international best seller How To Succeed: dynamic mind principles that transform your life by the  author Brian Adams, has been receiving  glowing reports from readers whose lives have greatly  improved after having read and acted upon the valuable information the book contains.

The author says he’s getting letters and emails from the USA, Canada, Europe and so many from Australia thanking him for what the book’s content has motivated them to achieve for themselves.

“It’s a matter of appraising this life we’ve been gifted and putting it into proper perspective, of dealing with reality rather than superficiality. We’ve held a lot of nonsense over the centuries, a great deal of spin handed to us by educationists, religionists, Governments and of recent times the media. The race mind is still not attuned to truth, but held captive by beliefs that are totally out of date. Much of what we have been programmed to believe about life, how it began, who caused it to happen and why we are here, has little substance to it,” the author says.

Science deals in facts, works on known principles. It doesn’t take on wild assumptions or accepts unrealistic fairy tale ideas to arrive at conclusions.  Science has an open mind which  changes and adapts as its knowledge improves.  If schools taught  us how to think and believe  from the standpoint of truth, that is, what has been proven, shown to be fact, we’d  soon learn how to vastly  improve our own existence.”

“Humans must deal with the cosmic laws because they govern human existence. Most are unaware of what these laws are and of their importance. Isaac Newton, who taught us the laws of gravity and motion centuries ago, said that action and reaction are equal to each other. It’s a  reflection of the law of cause and effect, as is the suggestion in Galatians:  whatsoever a man soweth,  that shall he also reap. Many, simply do not understand that what we think and believe is the cause of how we act and how we act results in the quantity and quality of the life we ourselves produce,” Brian Adams maintains.

How To Succeed is available from Image Book Company.  If you’d like a special revised library edition  autographed by the author, order from the publisher  Image Book Company. Call them on (02) 9318 2727. Brian Adams is currently completing his fifth book, From Fear To Confidence.

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