How To SucceedTransforming your life from loser to winner can be a complex transition, particularly if you go about this objective not knowing what and how to bring about the changes you desire.

All things have their beginning within the mind. Humans live within you must think correctly. Inner (mental) world, which is thought based, creating a corresponding an outer (physical) world. Thoughts create actions.

What and how you think, the caliber of your thoughts and beliefs, are vitally important as to how you feel, the decisions you make, the actions you take and ultimately whether you fail or succeed.

If you desire to upgrade the way you feel and improve upon how you act, you must upgrade the quality of your thoughts. Thoughts are things. They have the power to change every aspect of your life.

Each affirmative thought connected to another in an on-going repetitive manner can manifest a most beneficial living experience.

A problem for many thinkers is that they simply cannot rise above their self-produced destructive attitudes.  They fall into a negative mental environment which, while held,  draws them deeper into a negative physical environment. A state of depression with its uncomfortable, unproductive lifestyle is the result.

The principle of each after its own kind is equally true in nature’s world as it is in our human world. Don’t plant an apple seed expecting a banana tree. It simply won’t occur. Don’t expect a brilliant lifestyle while maintaining a negative consciousness. Neither will it occur. Think good and good follows.

Think evil and evil follows.  Like attracts like.  It’s one of the cosmic principles that bring with its practice, harmonious, happy, creative and a prosperous lifestyle. You can succeed. Think it!  Believe it!  Take the necessary action and you are set to achieve it.

(Brian Adams is the author of the international bestseller How To Succeed Available from Image Book Company).

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