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How to Succeedby Brian Adams

One of the most information-filled books on success available. Covers how the mind works, how it can be used to attain wealth, high achievement, health and a rich lifestyle. Now an international best-seller.



by Brian Adams

Must reading for those who want to improve personal skills, expand creativity and become a wealth achiever. Has15 chapters on entrepreneurship in the 21st century. Reveals the wealth accumulation secrets of millionaires and the famous. A great sequel read to How To Succeed. A scholarly motivational book of very workable success formulas.


THINK LIKE A WINNER by Dr. Walter Doyle Staples

Helps the reader to discover his/her richest possibilities and attain goals. It’s a manual for personal and professional development, an encyclopedia of success ideas. A great Motivational Book that will stir you to take action, win and succeed.



by Charles M. Simmons

Shows how to tap your subconscious mind to gain success. How to recognize and raise your own self-importance and impress others to raise your status and influence. Your subconscious is the key to becoming an outstanding achiever and money accumulator.


A GUIDE TO PERSONAL HAPPINESSby Dr. Albert Ellis & Dr. Irving Becker

This book has sold more than a million copies. It deals with human behavioral problems and how to solve them. If you aren’t happy in life you aren’t going to get very far. Overcoming personal and career problems is a must if success in life is to be attained. Depression and low self-esteem need to be corrected. This book reveals how.


All books are available at Image Book Company ( Motivational books can assist in personal development, personality expansion and self-confidence improvement. Time spent reading Self-Help Books can pay high dividends.

Are E-Readers The Answer To Printed Books?

The answer is “no” according to author-publisher Brian Adams.

“For dedicated bibliophiles like myself, no technological apparatus can replace the advantages a printed book offers. As I highlight passages from a “self help” or information text book and regularly want to refer to it, I want to be able to access the content quickly. I also like to look at a book’s cover, read the cover flaps and like the feel of a nicely-bound hardcover” he says.

While there may be some convenience of having an e-reader, there are minus factors. There is the cost of the apparatus. The content has to be downloaded. Then they have to be carted around (along with the mobile). For the fast reading of a novel, I suppose sitting in front of an e-reader on a bus, train, plane, has something to offer. Although what is that “something” over a printed version?

If at some stage it necessary to print a copy of a downloaded textbook, it’s a costly process. And the end result isn’t going to be as neat and tidy as an actual pre-printed copy. So, all in all, we might side with Mr. Adams’ and resist the urge to own an e-reader.


Author, TV personality and motivational trainer, Brian Adams has written 5 best selling books, a dozen or so audio CD’s and trained multitudes of success aspirants in Canada, USA and Australia. The best advise he says he can give  anyone wanting to get rich is “get into business for yourself.”

He maintains that working for an employer isn’t going to move ‘any money mountains’ except perhaps in favour of the employer.  But that’s fair enough because usually an employer takes all the risks including the risk of hiring others who may or may not perform well.

“When you invest in your own creativity, let loose your specialist skills and take a chance on yourself, you open the opportunity door to becoming someone, achieving something and accruing wealth.  The problem is, many persons simply don’t have the self-confidence to start their own into business,” he says.

Adams maintains it is much easier to start and run your own business  today  because  there are so many good  business support opportunities available.  A franchise or business license operation is to support (thus reduced risk) offerings  to consider.

Where administrative support, marketing know-how and guidance are offered,  as in a franchise, there are costs additional to normal overheads to be considered,   such as  on-going royalty and  advertising fees. But the rewards can be great if what is being sold  has strong market appeal, Adams says.

“Initially, the link with a group who can offer products or services that allow you to work from home. Get your commercial feet  wet. Learn the business ropes. It’s easier to build on something that already has a solid foundation in the marketplace.  An  established  business that  offers not only its products for you  to on-sell but  lends  their  support is the ideal way to jump into business for yourself.  It also reduces your start-up risk.”

Adams is CEO of Image Book Company and  Startabookbiz, which have available     to selected appointees, a home-based business opportunity to start their own book distribution business. See the website for further information.


How to SucceedBrian Adams, author of  the international best-seller, How To Succeed,  maintains  up and coming entrepreneurs need to spend time studying the cosmic laws of life if they want to become successful. The cosmic laws came with the big bang and will stay with us into who knows how long.

Everything in the natural and human world is governed by principles and they are a regulating and motivating force in the  positive accomplishment of  our desires and needs.

Every engineer must carry out his/her work via known laws. A bridge not built into the law of  stress and strain is going to collapse.

Persons seeking high accomplishment must  work within the principles of life.

The law of Karma for instance is a clear example of positive in, positive returned. Negative in, negative returned. We  cannot do a misdeed and expect to  profit by it.  Like attracts like.  Humans simply cannot think one thing and produce another.

The superior thinker Issac Newtown said Action and reaction are equal to each other.  It’s the law of cause and effect or Karma.

Whatever you say and do returns to you in like kind. What are you saying and doing that is of a negative nature?  Reverse the negative with an affirmative.

The law of the mind is the law of belief.  What do you believe about yourself,  people, places and things? Whatever you believe to be true comes true.

If you believe in the wrong things, you can’t expect right results.

In How To Succeed, the 10 cosmic laws are explained. When applied, positive changes come about.


I’ve had many seminar attendees ask why “positive thinking” doesn’t always respond positively when it’s expected to.

The simple answer is, behind each  positive thought must be a  positive belief.  Meaning,  just saying “ I want to be healthy, wealthy,  achieve my objective”, isn’t enough. You must truly believe that what you seek is within your ability to achieve and  receive.

Often, so called positive thinkers give lip service to their desires. They simply do not believe they are capable of or deserve to attain life’s riches. “I’d like to find a partner and get married, but heck, who’d want to marry me?” is positive in one sense but  negative in another. The desire isn’t supported by a belief that it’s achievable.

It’s always the dominant idea held that activates the law of attraction. If you want something but believe you aren’t going to get it,  puts your desire  in the negative basket. The negative simply squashes the positive.  You get what you believe.

Your mind is like a garden. When you plant seeds in your garden and nourish them, they grow and bear fruit.  If you trample them, starve them,  they wither and  die.

When you plant healthy thoughts in the garden of your mind without obstruction, they  come forth after their own kindLike attracts like. You cannot plant an apple seed and produce a banana. Thus, you cannot plant negative ideas into your subconscious mind  (your garden) and hope to reap positive results. Good thoughts attract good results. Negative thoughts reap negative results. Each after its own kind.

Strong belief in an ability to achieve, to become highly respected and creatively skilled,  is  always present as a possibility in the life of every human.  When you think and believe correctly, take action, possibility turns into probability.

The law of mind is the law of belief.  Feed positive ideas into your mind and back them with a strong belief in your ability to be, do and have all that is worthwhile.

You were not born into this world to go about in rags, go to bed hungry, be denied any of the riches life offers as a gift to us.  You have been granted free will, an ability to choose what to think, what to attach faith to, what to believe in and how to act.

Your life is an extension of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. You are a result of your past and current thinking. If you want to change your current lifestyle, begin by changing current concepts, attitudes and beliefs. Lift them up.  Support them with a belief in their invincibility. You are or can be an outstanding human being. Believe it.

Remember: nothing, absolutely nothing occurs in your life until a thought enters your mind. First comes thought followed by action. Feed your mind with what is sensible, practical, rational and affirmative. It will produce for you in a positive sense all that you desire And according to your belief is it done unto you. (Brian Adams is the author of the best seller HOW TO SUCCEED).


We have experienced a pretty dreary year. But now, all signs point to a more prosperous 2014. The global stock markets, generally, are up, consumer spending over the holiday period was fast and furious and most are looking forward to a better year ahead.

START YOUR OWN BUSINESSBecause of employment uncertainty, this could be the year to move into your own business. Who better than to rely on yourself for income continuity?  In years gone by, working for a company, if you were productive and honest, meant employment longevity. But the work environment has changed. And with this change comes the uncertainty of on-going employment.

Many are looking at a franchise opportunity. It’s been said that there is safety in numbers. Certainly being one of many franchise operatives has advantages. Selling a quality brand product with marketing support is one.  Having a franchisor to advise and guide, to give you support, is another.

But as with your own individual business, a franchise doesn’t mean you don’t have to apply business acumen, work diligently, perhaps long hours to achieve success. Your ultimate successful business will bring results providing it has the right business ingredients. Good, reliable and value-plus products or services must be in place. Your own input of exceptional customer service, really looking after your clients is essential to your building a secure and lasting business.

And choosing the right business to start is important. Choose a product or service you are going to enjoy offering.  Fall in love with your business. If you’re going to spend a large part of your life developing a business, you need to find one that affords creative as well as financial benefit.

If you are a lover of books, you might investigate the Image Book Company exclusive territory home-based book distribution business. Their website: will give you details. Good luck and lots of business success.


How To SucceedTransforming your life from loser to winner can be a complex transition, particularly if you go about this objective not knowing what and how to bring about the changes you desire.

All things have their beginning within the mind. Humans live within you must think correctly. Inner (mental) world, which is thought based, creating a corresponding an outer (physical) world. Thoughts create actions.

What and how you think, the caliber of your thoughts and beliefs, are vitally important as to how you feel, the decisions you make, the actions you take and ultimately whether you fail or succeed.

If you desire to upgrade the way you feel and improve upon how you act, you must upgrade the quality of your thoughts. Thoughts are things. They have the power to change every aspect of your life.

Each affirmative thought connected to another in an on-going repetitive manner can manifest a most beneficial living experience.

A problem for many thinkers is that they simply cannot rise above their self-produced destructive attitudes.  They fall into a negative mental environment which, while held,  draws them deeper into a negative physical environment. A state of depression with its uncomfortable, unproductive lifestyle is the result.

The principle of each after its own kind is equally true in nature’s world as it is in our human world. Don’t plant an apple seed expecting a banana tree. It simply won’t occur. Don’t expect a brilliant lifestyle while maintaining a negative consciousness. Neither will it occur. Think good and good follows.

Think evil and evil follows.  Like attracts like.  It’s one of the cosmic principles that bring with its practice, harmonious, happy, creative and a prosperous lifestyle. You can succeed. Think it!  Believe it!  Take the necessary action and you are set to achieve it.

(Brian Adams is the author of the international bestseller How To Succeed Available from Image Book Company).

Self Improvement Books-A Perfect Way to Help You to Get Back to Your Normal Life!

Even if you are lucky enough to have a life with all the possible luxuries and success, you might face tough times where some motivation is needed to keep you going. In today’s tensed environment, it is common to find individuals with a mental block and even lose confidence. In such bad times, self motivation book can really help you to turn the things around. People who are looking for success in life need motivation and this article talks about why you need to Buy Motivational Books in order to overcome the problem with much ease.

Motivational BooksSelf motivational books are really great when it comes to helping people to attain great heights. These sorts of books ensure that you should not your faith, and believe in your abilities and find an effective solution to your problems. In simple words, self-motivation is an act that is primarily concerned with encouraging oneself without the help of others. The good news is that this generation is very fortunate to read many excellent self-motivational content written by remarkable authors.

Self improvement and motivating yourself doesn’t mean simply purchasing a book, completing it shortly, and putting it aside. Most of the people who consider buying self improvement books and read them fast generally complain that it was a waste of money. The most important thing is that the book they have bought has not helped them. Well, mere possession of any book will never help anybody to accomplish anything successfully. Books written on these topics are only the assimilation of ideas and putting them into practice with your whole heart and mind, which will actually assist them to accomplish whatever they desired to accomplish. All in all, books are nothing but a storehouse of valuable knowledge & information, and unless you study books with full concentration, and put it into practice assiduously you cannot dream about enjoying any advantages because of possessing the book.

No more delays in putting into practice what you have learnt from the Self Improvement Books. We can say that preparing a goal setting worksheet will surely be a great help in this matter. The continuous practice in this regard will help you to sustain positive thoughts, which can make way easier to attain the success.

In the market a large number of the best success books are available. You can easily purchase them through websites. The online world has a number of options to help you to make your shopping convenient and affordable.

Self Improvement Books – Options are Countless!

ReadiImage Bookng on self-improvement has always been a great idea to improve one’s personality and help him/her to achieve his/her life goals. So, if you are planning to know more about any traits of this segment, then the market has a number of Self Improvement Books to offer to the book enthusiasts. You can find them a wide range and that too in different categories ranging from mental illness, emotional, to even spiritual categories. Most importantly, most of the books released these days have a lot to do with self-improvement part at some level, especially non-fiction books. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that self improvement is one of the most important things that play a very pivotal role in making your life smoother for you and the people around you.  It is, of course, a of great importance in our lives that we always strive to improve on some aspect on our lives.

There are a plethora of books on self improvement that deal with various different issues, learning to accept yourself as you are, increasing your self worth and recovering from abusive relationships etc.  You should not forget the fact that if you are unable to make a balanced relationship with yourself, then it is impossible for you to have a good relationship with anyone. Many self-improvement books in the category deal with the field of psychology.

A huge mass of individuals now loves to spend their on the market searching for an astrology book to understand the mysterious science that influences their lives. People have now become quite curious to collect more information about the science that has the ability to predict future and analyze the personality and other traits of a person. You can visit a reputed bookshop to find out the Best Astrology Books in abundance.

Some of the earlier suggestions about self improvement introduced in the form of religion. There are a plenty of religion books available on the market today to help individuals know more about their concerned religion.

Each and every book that is concerned with personality, parenting, relationships, dieting, fitness, learning, business, is part of the self improvement category. Plus, readers can also find various Best Success Books on offline or online bookstores. Each book encompasses its own set of equations that may not work for every individual, but there’s a set of equations for everyone. Don’t wait anymore! Spot a good bookshop to find your favorite self-improvement book!