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Author, TV personality and motivational trainer, Brian Adams has written 5 best selling books, a dozen or so audio CD’s and trained multitudes of success aspirants in Canada, USA and Australia. The best advise he says he can give  anyone wanting to get rich is “get into business for yourself.”

He maintains that working for an employer isn’t going to move ‘any money mountains’ except perhaps in favour of the employer.  But that’s fair enough because usually an employer takes all the risks including the risk of hiring others who may or may not perform well.

“When you invest in your own creativity, let loose your specialist skills and take a chance on yourself, you open the opportunity door to becoming someone, achieving something and accruing wealth.  The problem is, many persons simply don’t have the self-confidence to start their own into business,” he says.

Adams maintains it is much easier to start and run your own business  today  because  there are so many good  business support opportunities available.  A franchise or business license operation is to support (thus reduced risk) offerings  to consider.

Where administrative support, marketing know-how and guidance are offered,  as in a franchise, there are costs additional to normal overheads to be considered,   such as  on-going royalty and  advertising fees. But the rewards can be great if what is being sold  has strong market appeal, Adams says.

“Initially, the link with a group who can offer products or services that allow you to work from home. Get your commercial feet  wet. Learn the business ropes. It’s easier to build on something that already has a solid foundation in the marketplace.  An  established  business that  offers not only its products for you  to on-sell but  lends  their  support is the ideal way to jump into business for yourself.  It also reduces your start-up risk.”

Adams is CEO of Image Book Company and  Startabookbiz, which have available     to selected appointees, a home-based business opportunity to start their own book distribution business. See the website for further information. http://www.imagebook.com.au/


Most people take the SOLVE PROBLEMSpath of strong resistance when they set out to accomplish aims or solve everyday problems and set-backs. It’s a do-or-die situation and because of inflexibility, they end up in a hospital bed or worse in a coffin.

Some years back, I was travelling through the north of Scotland, up in Rob Roy country. It’s a beautifully scenic part of the world. I stopped in a village to enjoy lunch at a quaint café. After lunch, I walked around the small town, crossed a foot bridge over a fast-running stream and sat for a while on the bank of the stream listening to the sound of the rushing water as it cascaded over small boulders.

I noticed that the water was swirling around the boulders not fighting them on its way forward. It was taking a path of least resistance. Nature can often be a good teacher in how we should conduct our lives.

The next time a problem, set-back or aggravation arises, take the path of least resistance. Stay calm. Don’t fight the problem. Analyse it. Take it apart so you better understand it. You are now in a better position to seek a logical solution. Know that there is a solution to every problem. Getting upset, isn’t going to attract much more than a giant headache and lots of stress. .

Stress is a major contributor to many ailments. It’s pointless to bring on an upset stomach, body pain or a heart attack whenever faced with a problem when there is a solution readily available. Take note of the flowing stream. Stop resisting and fighting. Quietly, comfortably, thoughtfully think- through what bothers you. The perfect answer will come. And you’ll live to enjoy in fine health this gift of life.


Business LawThe English mathematician and philosopher, Sir Isaac Newton, who taught us the laws of gravity and motion back in the seventeenth century, said: action and reaction are equal to each other.  It’s a restatement of the law of cause and effect which clearly states that every affirmative or negative  effect, condition and circumstance in the life of humans, has an identical cause. We bring on our own problems by virtue of how we think and  act. Good brings good, evil brings evil. Karma comes into play.

In business, whatever you say and do has a marked effect on how successful you and your business become.

You cannot expect outstanding results from patent  unreliability, deception and  dishonesty.

Your motives must always be attended to treating your clients and customers  justly, decently and rewardingly.

Some entrepreneurs seek  high achievement, fame and fortune at any cost.  Little, if any consideration is afforded the person being sold something. A transaction is geared to benefit the transactor not the recipient of the transaction

Placing a customer in a win win situation rather than in a win for me, lose for your position,  places you and your enterprise in the successful circle. Customers gain respect for your sales motivation and  fair business dealings and reward you with repeat Business. Importantly, they speak to others about you in a praiseworthy way.

A business person I know  told me he always enters a sales transaction with the attitude: “I want this transaction first and foremost to be rewarding and beneficial to the purchaser. I know that I will automatically benefit as well.”

Fair trading is a good and sensible practice.  I purchase services from this person because I know he can be trusted and relied upon to provide what I need at a fair price. I’ve been dealing with him for many years and have never found him to be anything other than honest.  Incidentally, he has more clients than he can comfortably handle because of  his win  for me, win  for your business philosophy. It’s a healthy position to be in, especially in these lean and tough economic times.

Apply the golden rule.  Treat others as you would want others to treat you. I’m sure you don’t want to purchase from some shady operator shoddy merchandise or inferior services that cause you worry and grief.

Your business reputation is worth building, cementing and maintaining. It’s just as easy to do what’s right as it is to do what’s wrong so why not be honest and decent from the beginning?  Don’t  mess up, let others down,  trade dishonestly and become known as  a shameful, disreputable person.  Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

And one final suggestion from Ella Wheeler Wilcox says it all: give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.  Yes, indeed it will.


We have experienced a pretty dreary year. But now, all signs point to a more prosperous 2014. The global stock markets, generally, are up, consumer spending over the holiday period was fast and furious and most are looking forward to a better year ahead.

START YOUR OWN BUSINESSBecause of employment uncertainty, this could be the year to move into your own business. Who better than to rely on yourself for income continuity?  In years gone by, working for a company, if you were productive and honest, meant employment longevity. But the work environment has changed. And with this change comes the uncertainty of on-going employment.

Many are looking at a franchise opportunity. It’s been said that there is safety in numbers. Certainly being one of many franchise operatives has advantages. Selling a quality brand product with marketing support is one.  Having a franchisor to advise and guide, to give you support, is another.

But as with your own individual business, a franchise doesn’t mean you don’t have to apply business acumen, work diligently, perhaps long hours to achieve success. Your ultimate successful business will bring results providing it has the right business ingredients. Good, reliable and value-plus products or services must be in place. Your own input of exceptional customer service, really looking after your clients is essential to your building a secure and lasting business.

And choosing the right business to start is important. Choose a product or service you are going to enjoy offering.  Fall in love with your business. If you’re going to spend a large part of your life developing a business, you need to find one that affords creative as well as financial benefit.

If you are a lover of books, you might investigate the Image Book Company exclusive territory home-based book distribution business. Their website: http://www.imagebook.com.au/ will give you details. Good luck and lots of business success.