I’ve had many seminar attendees ask why “positive thinking” doesn’t always respond positively when it’s expected to.

The simple answer is, behind each  positive thought must be a  positive belief.  Meaning,  just saying “ I want to be healthy, wealthy,  achieve my objective”, isn’t enough. You must truly believe that what you seek is within your ability to achieve and  receive.

Often, so called positive thinkers give lip service to their desires. They simply do not believe they are capable of or deserve to attain life’s riches. “I’d like to find a partner and get married, but heck, who’d want to marry me?” is positive in one sense but  negative in another. The desire isn’t supported by a belief that it’s achievable.

It’s always the dominant idea held that activates the law of attraction. If you want something but believe you aren’t going to get it,  puts your desire  in the negative basket. The negative simply squashes the positive.  You get what you believe.

Your mind is like a garden. When you plant seeds in your garden and nourish them, they grow and bear fruit.  If you trample them, starve them,  they wither and  die.

When you plant healthy thoughts in the garden of your mind without obstruction, they  come forth after their own kindLike attracts like. You cannot plant an apple seed and produce a banana. Thus, you cannot plant negative ideas into your subconscious mind  (your garden) and hope to reap positive results. Good thoughts attract good results. Negative thoughts reap negative results. Each after its own kind.

Strong belief in an ability to achieve, to become highly respected and creatively skilled,  is  always present as a possibility in the life of every human.  When you think and believe correctly, take action, possibility turns into probability.

The law of mind is the law of belief.  Feed positive ideas into your mind and back them with a strong belief in your ability to be, do and have all that is worthwhile.

You were not born into this world to go about in rags, go to bed hungry, be denied any of the riches life offers as a gift to us.  You have been granted free will, an ability to choose what to think, what to attach faith to, what to believe in and how to act.

Your life is an extension of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. You are a result of your past and current thinking. If you want to change your current lifestyle, begin by changing current concepts, attitudes and beliefs. Lift them up.  Support them with a belief in their invincibility. You are or can be an outstanding human being. Believe it.

Remember: nothing, absolutely nothing occurs in your life until a thought enters your mind. First comes thought followed by action. Feed your mind with what is sensible, practical, rational and affirmative. It will produce for you in a positive sense all that you desire And according to your belief is it done unto you. (Brian Adams is the author of the best seller HOW TO SUCCEED).

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