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What the Stars Reveal About the Men in Your Life

What the Stars Reveal About the Men in Your Life
AUD $16.95
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Author Thelma White
ISBN 0879803789

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 You are a single woman at a party and you spot an interesting man across the room. He smiles and comes over to you. Immediately you are mutually attracted. You feel as if you had known each other for years. What is the magic spark that drew you together? Very likely it was a happy combination of two compatible signs, well aspected and responding to each other because of lunar influences.

What motivates people to strive for love, power and money? Why can't some people stand success? Why do some people attract love?

The stars, the planets, the Sun and the Moon all bring their influence to bear on our lives. You can change your life, make it richer and more meaningful by understanding these elements and using them to your advantage.

What the Stars Reveal About the Men in Your Life is written to help you understand why the people who are important to you react as they do. You will learn for example that Cancer people do have strange moods when the Moon is full and can be expected to be silent and withdrawn. You will learn that Scorpios don't forget wrongs or kindnesses. You will learn why the Sagittarian man is blunt and honest. You will learn how a person's rising sign, the planet that was rising at the time of their birth, can modify personality.

When you know the signs of those people dearest to you can understand the influences those signs have on their lives. When you have all the answers, there's no place to go but onward to success.

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