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Business LawThe English mathematician and philosopher, Sir Isaac Newton, who taught us the laws of gravity and motion back in the seventeenth century, said: action and reaction are equal to each other.  It’s a restatement of the law of cause and effect which clearly states that every affirmative or negative  effect, condition and circumstance in the life of humans, has an identical cause. We bring on our own problems by virtue of how we think and  act. Good brings good, evil brings evil. Karma comes into play.

In business, whatever you say and do has a marked effect on how successful you and your business become.

You cannot expect outstanding results from patent  unreliability, deception and  dishonesty.

Your motives must always be attended to treating your clients and customers  justly, decently and rewardingly.

Some entrepreneurs seek  high achievement, fame and fortune at any cost.  Little, if any consideration is afforded the person being sold something. A transaction is geared to benefit the transactor not the recipient of the transaction

Placing a customer in a win win situation rather than in a win for me, lose for your position,  places you and your enterprise in the successful circle. Customers gain respect for your sales motivation and  fair business dealings and reward you with repeat Business. Importantly, they speak to others about you in a praiseworthy way.

A business person I know  told me he always enters a sales transaction with the attitude: “I want this transaction first and foremost to be rewarding and beneficial to the purchaser. I know that I will automatically benefit as well.”

Fair trading is a good and sensible practice.  I purchase services from this person because I know he can be trusted and relied upon to provide what I need at a fair price. I’ve been dealing with him for many years and have never found him to be anything other than honest.  Incidentally, he has more clients than he can comfortably handle because of  his win  for me, win  for your business philosophy. It’s a healthy position to be in, especially in these lean and tough economic times.

Apply the golden rule.  Treat others as you would want others to treat you. I’m sure you don’t want to purchase from some shady operator shoddy merchandise or inferior services that cause you worry and grief.

Your business reputation is worth building, cementing and maintaining. It’s just as easy to do what’s right as it is to do what’s wrong so why not be honest and decent from the beginning?  Don’t  mess up, let others down,  trade dishonestly and become known as  a shameful, disreputable person.  Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

And one final suggestion from Ella Wheeler Wilcox says it all: give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.  Yes, indeed it will.