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Image Book Club has been formed as a book titles source and to assist our customers in joining  with like-minded book readers to assess and gain  greater knowledge from specific books and audio CD's. Particular authors and their works can often be mnore comprehensively understood when the contents of a specific title are read, discussed  and  put under a microscope by a  reader group.
Join with others or start your own book club in your community  where various authors and their works are read and then discussed.
Usually 10 to 15 persons are an ideal number.  Meetings are held in a  member's home (on a rotational basis) or in a small meeting room at a local club. Quite often a community club is happy to offer a room free of charge. A lunch or dinner at the club can make the event an even  more pleasant one.
Image Book Company is happy to offer suggestions as to how to form and run a book club. It also offers special book club discounts to club members for books chosen to be read and studied.
A community book club can be a wonderful social event, a chance to meet and make new friends.
Persons interested in books such as Think And Grow Rich, How To Succeed, Psycho Cybernetics, Three Magic Words and other motivational, books along with  autobiographies, books on history, science, health, cooking, gardening, films,  etc,  will find a book club an interesting and  valuable addition to their activities.  
Call us now if you would like further information on joining or starting a book club. (02) 9318 2727

When you purchase one of our great book titles at our great prices or a career-boost home study system, we'll automatically give you FREE MEMBERSHIP in the Image Book Club. You receive priority access to our new releases, special, free and discount offers to members. We won't bombard you with annoying advertising materials but contact you when we think it appropriate to your reading interest. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time!

If you'd like to hold book club gatherings, please call us on 02 9318 2727 for assistance and information on how you can earn extra income from home. Our extensive range of titles covering just about every subject along with our career home study systems and motivational CDs are in high demand

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